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NDRI Grads


Any person who has graduated/is graduating from NDRI, Karnal is eligible to be a member of the association.
An individual can be chosen either as a Life Member or a Student Member.
All memberships and subscriptions will be reckoned in terms of year commencing on 1st April and ending on 31st March.
The association shall maintain a register of all its members and shall maintain fully updated record of them and intimate any changes in profile in the half yearly/yearly member's directory.

LIFE MEMBER:- Any person interested in the activities of the association who pays a lump sum of Rs. 2000/- could be a life member of the association. On admission as a life member, he will have the right to be present and to vote at all meetings of the society, to propose candidates and to stand for any elected office of the association, and to receive free of charge the newsletter of the association which are not specially priced, as decided by the CEC.

A student member can adjust his subscription and pay the balance of Rs. 1500/- when he completes his graduation and therefore become a life member of the association. For this purpose, he shall make an application on prescribed form to Central Executive Committee (CEC). On being advanced as a life member, he shall enjoy all privileges of a life member.

Student Member: - Any person who is a student of bachelor's degree at NDRI  Karnal is eligible for consideration as a Student Member, and shall apply for membership on a prescribed form to the CEC. The annual membership fee for a calendar year or a part of it will be Rs.500/-. A student member will be entitled to be present at meeting of the association like an ordinary member and will be entitled to receive the newsletter of the association. He will not be eligible to vote or to stand for elected office.

Three students, two from third year and one from second year shall be nominated by the CEC to coordinate any events of the association. They will be present at the meetings of CEC (when asked) but have rights and powers as of other student members.


Resignation: any member/office bearer(referred in clause 4.4 of the constitution) desiring to resign from association will intimate his desire to do so to the President in writing and final decision will be taken only by CEC.


The CEC may terminate a member whose continuation, in its opinion, is detrimental to the interest and status of the association and the decision of the CEC in the matter shall be final.

Readmission: Readmission of a member who has resigned or whose membership has been terminated will be considered by CEC, on a written request and after payment of all outstanding dues, including a fresh membership fee wherever applicable.
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