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Powers and Functions of CEC

President: The President shall be the Head of the association and all other office bearers shall work under his guidance and instructions. He shall preside over the meetings of the CEC. In his absence, one of the Vice Presidents or, failing that any other member of the CEC elected to preside over the meeting will exercise the President’s powers.

Vice President: The Vice Presidents will assist the President in carrying out his functions. One of the Vice-Presidents nominated by the President shall perform his duties and exercise the powers of the President during his absence.

Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for execution of various activities/projects on behalf of the association and will conduct day-to-day affairs of the association. He will manage the office of the association. He will issue notices and convene all General Body Meetings, meetings of the CEC and any other special meeting as and when required. He will maintain Minutes Book of all such meetings. He will maintain proper and up-to-date Register of members of the association. He will institute and defend any legal proceedings The Secretary of the association will execute all contracts, deeds and other instruments on behalf of the association and members of the CEC. All these contracts shall be countersigned by the treasurer or any other member of CEC as may be named by CEC. The Secretary will also discharge all such functions and have all such powers as may be conferred under these regulations by the CEC and General Body of the association.

Joint Secretary: The Joint Secretary will work to assist the Secretary and will take responsibilities of the Secretary in his absence.

Treasurer: the Treasurer shall be responsible for association’s funds and properties and shall ensure maintenance of proper books of accounts. He will be in custody of all funds of the association which shall be deposited in UTI Bank, Karnal Branch or any other bank, as decided by the CEC in future course. He will be empowered to retain a cash imprest of not more than Rs. 2000/- for routine day-to-day activities of the association. The cheques would be signed by at least two office bearers of the association such as one of the Vice Presidents and Treasurer or Secretary and Treasurer. He will issue receipts for all monies received by the association. He will maintain a correct and detailed account of all income and expenditure of the association and present the detailed statement of accounts and Balance Sheet duly certified by the auditors before the CEC every year and General Body Meeting every two years.

Joint Treasurer: The Joint Treasurer will assist the treasurer in keeping accounts of the association and will take the responsibility of Treasurer in his absence.