The name of the organization shall be 'NDRI GRADUATES ASSOSIATION hereinafter called the association).

The registered office of the association shall be located at Dabbas House, Session Road, Karnal - 132001 (Haryana).

The objectives of the association shall be advancement of all aspects NDRI Graduates, and towards that end the association will seek:-

To provide a platform for the graduates who have passed out from this institute and the students currently pursuing graduation from NDRI to interact and discuss various issues towards betterment of present practices and introduction of new ideas.

To provide opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and ideas gained from experiments and experience through meetings, conferences and seminars.

To promote and participate in every way in the rational and economic development of dairy industry and farming in the country in association with cooperatives, private and public organizations, national or international organizations, having similar aims and objectives.

To assume any responsibility or functions when asked to do so on behalf of government toward the advancement of Dairy Technology and allied sciences.

In pursuance of these objectives, the association shall :-

Develop and publish its own website and/or newsletter and provide information regarding the activities of the association and its members, developmental activity and similar matters.

Accept contribution and fees; grants from government or from other appropriate funding organizations (Private/individuals) for the purposes in consonance with the objectives or spirit of the association

Acquire by gift, purchase, lease, and loan or hire immovable or movable properties required for the purpose of the Society and deal with these properties, money and other assets to further the objectives of the association.

The association shall be non-profit making organization. It shall not give any dividend or bonus or otherwise money to its members but may pay in good faith remuneration by way of salary, fees, traveling expenses, etc, to any person employed by it to serve the organization, or to any other person including its members for any specific purpose, e.g. honorarium and traveling allowance toward the activities of the association.