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Executive Committee

Functions: The Central Executive Committee of the association will be situated at its headquarters, which will be its main administrating, policy formulating and coordinating body. The CEC will have the following powers:

To appoint such staff as may be necessary and to fix their emoluments, duties, terms and conditions of their service, and to terminate their service as and when required.

To set up committees such as Editorial Board, Publication Management Committee etc. and any other committee for various purposes as and when required.

To consider the nominations for admission, termination of membership, re-admission to membership and any other membership matters.

To buy, hire, sell or otherwise deal with any property or assets concerning the association, enter into contracts or legal proceedings on behalf of the association.

To administer the bank account and money of the association through deposits, investments and the like, and to appoint auditors to inspect accounts of the association.

To act with powers in any emergency, not withstanding any limitation in these rules, provided the sprit of constitution is maintained and that any action taken is reported to next annual general body meeting for its information and is subject to revision or alteration by the latter.

To delegate financial and administrative power to any office bearer or official of the association.

Meeting of CEC: the CEC will meet atleast twice in a calendar year; one of its meetings to be held just prior to annual general body meeting, will be held at such time and place as decided by the President. At least 15 days notice of the meeting may be given to each CEC member and such notice shall contain a statement of the main business to be transacted at the meeting.

Extra-ordinary CEC meeting: the President, either at his own discretion or on receiving the requisition signed by 5 CEC members, shall call an extra-ordinary meeting for which 7 days notice will be required.

  • Composition of CEC:
    The CEC will consist of the following:
  • 1. President
  • 2. Vice President-2
  • 3. Secretary
  • 4. Joint Secretary
  • 5. Treasurer
  • 6. Joint Treasurer
  • 7. Ten members elected from among the member of the Association
  • 8. Immediate Past-President who has held office during the preceding year and immediate past Secretary.
  • 9. Co-option : the CEC so formed shall have power to co-opt up to five member of the Society in the best interest of the society.
  • 10. Quorum : Eight CEC members including those co-opted will constitute a quorum for the CEC.