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NDRI Grads


Procedure: Proposals for addition to or alterations in the memorandum or the rules and regulations of the association. Proposals will be sent to the Secretary so as to reach him at least 90 days before the AGBM. They will be considered by the CEC, who will then circulate the proposal to every member of the association 30 days before AGBM.

Implementation: No amendment to or alterations in the rules and regulations of the association shall be made except at the AGBM. The proposal will be deemed to be approved if it has, a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote at the AGBM. Any such alterations or amendments will come into effect or operation within one month, after its approval.


Patronship: A member with outstanding academic or professional achievements in Dairy Technology and/ or one who has rendered signal service to the cause of the association may be awarded the patronship of the association.

Specia1 awards: The association may also honour its selected members for distinguished services or for conspicuous achievements in the field of Dairy Technology with special awards. The Central Executive committee shall decide the manner of establishing the awards by accepting cooperation, financial or otherwise from individuals and/or organization.

The manner in which the awards of Patronship and Special Awards will be bestowed shall be laid down by the Central Executive Committee by appointing a board of adjudication or selection of persons for award of Patronship and Special awards on each occasion.


Dissolution: The association shall be dissolved, if at General Body Meeting, specially convened for the purpose, a resolution to that effect is passed by a 3/4th majority of not less than four-fifths of its members present, who are entitled to vote.

Residual property: Upon dissolution of the association and, after payment of liabilities and debts, if there remains any property whatsoever, the same shall not be distributed among the members, but given or transferred to another body having objectives similar to those of the association, and so determined by voting on a resolution supported by three-fifths of the members of the association or in default thereof, by an appropriate court of law.
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